[48] Developing skills through digital assessment


Developing skills through digital assessment


Frances Thornton and Jim Milton



The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) comprises of symbols representing the sounds of the spoken language. Phonemic transcription using IPA is a skill that takes practice. Traditionally assessing students’ ability to transcribe is very much a manual process, where students would hand-transcribe a piece of prose into phonemic script. Manual marking takes time, especially with growing class numbers. Finding a way to convert the practical exercises into online tests would enable timesaving for staff through automated marking and would provide students with immediate feedback, to enable them to learn from the exercises as well as be measured by them (Brenton, 2015).

In this session, I am going to talk about the challenges I faced in automating the process, how we have learnt from the students’ experience of using the tool and how we can take it forward to benefit future learning and teaching.

Session Outline

This session will demonstrate of the resource I developed. It will also provide an opportunity to hear about the way we approached its development, made improvements based upon its use in practice and students feedback, and how its use can be expanded to benefit future cohorts.

Key Messages

This session will demonstrate an approach to automating transcription skills when conventional typing using a Qwerty keyboard is not an option. It will provide insight into the way we have developed a resource to maximise learning opportunities for students whilst assessing an individual’s skills development and the transferable learning opportunities available.

Key Words

assessment, feedback, skills

FOR STAFF USE ONLY:  laptop or computer with PowerPoint and internet access, a data projector and speakers for sound.

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