[52] Successfully Embedding Academic Skills in Your Programme


Successfully Embedding Academic Skills in Your Programme


Sandy George and Lori Havard


Swansea University is currently putting forward guidance and advice regarding the topic of embedding academic study skills within programmes of study. The Embedding Academic Skills Project is being driven by colleagues in the Centre for Academic Success, Library, SALT and SAILS.

This session will provide evidence and guidance demonstrating that academic study skills, taught in context with subject-specific language, is the best way to ensure that students understand both the need for the skills and the skills themselves.

In this session, we will share research, along with practical advice on embedding these skills. Case studies of current embedded programmes at Swansea University will be presented for participants to garner best practice.
The session will conclude by offering opportunities for academics to engage further with the Project by participating in programme level pilots in the coming academic year.

Session Outline

Introduction to Embedding Academic Skills Project
Research and Best Practice
Practical Online Guidance and Case Studies
Invitation to Establish Pilot Programmes

Key Messages

Awareness raising of Project and Intranet site for guidance, and to establish additional programmes to be included in our pilot for 2019/20.

Key Words

Embedding Academic Skills, Quality, Student Experience

FOR STAFF USE ONLY: laptop and data projector, Powerpoint,

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