[34] Using ePortfolios to Facilitate Academic Supervision of Work-Based Learning Students


Using ePortfolios to Facilitate Academic Supervision of Work-Based Learning Students


Rebecca Pratchett and Sara Jolly


Work-based learning students in Human and Health Sciences are assessed via portfolio. In the past, students submitted paper copies which were vulnerable to loss, mandated travelling significant distances for submission, and hindered the ongoing supervision of work through the module.
Using the PebblePad eportfolio system, the Enhanced Professional Practice (EPP) programme introduced electronic submission of work-based learning portfolios. It was hypothesised that doing so would facilitate closer academic supervision through a continuous submission and feedback process in addition to improving the security of our submission process.
In order to evaluate this intervention, students and staff members were issued with questionnaires in which they were asked to detail their experience of using the system. The questionnaires sought to establish whether using PebblePad aided efficient tracking and supervision of student progress. The impact on marking/moderation and security were also reviewed.
This talk will present the outcomes of our case study focussing on the perceptions and experiences of staff and students using PebblePad for assessment in work-based learning. We will also discuss our own experiences in implementing eportfolios and present the barriers we faced, providing recommendations that other educators can use to overcome similar barriers to success.

Session Outline

This 20 minute presentation will provide an overview of the process involved in embedding eportfolios in our summative assessment method. We will explore the advantages and pitfalls of the system providing guidance for other academics who may wish to consider using eportfolios as a means of assessment.

Key Messages

Delegates can expect to take away information and guidance on the advantages and pitfalls of implementing eportfolio for summative assessment.

Key Words

ePortfolio, eLearning, Online

FOR STAFF USE ONLY: HDMI link projector (will use surface pro), internet access

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