[25] Undergraduate leadership in outreach events


Undergraduate leadership in outreach events


Joel Loveridge

Please note this session has been withdrawn from the programme 11/7/19


Universities are under pressure to increase their outreach activities while improving undergraduate outcomes. This session will offer an insight into ways of achieving both simultaneously, by using outreach to embed leadership and other “employability” skills into the undergraduate programme while also maximising academic learning opportunities.

In the Chemistry department we give undergraduates the opportunity to take part in a range of outreach activities, either as part of their credit-bearing studies or as extra-curricular programmes. One such programme is Spectroscopy in a Suitcase, a Royal Society of Chemistry initiative in which we deliver practical spectroscopy workshops either in schools or in our own labs. First year students deliver the bulk of these workshops, essentially teaching pupils material that they themselves were only taught a year previously, under the supervision of either a member of staff or a second-year undergraduate student.

The session will consider challenges and opportunities that arise from using undergraduate students for outreach activities, with a particular focus on skills development and how students view this.

Session Outline

Pecha Kucha illustrating how we are developing student leadership through outreach activities
Delegates will be interested in alternative methods of embedding student skills development into undergraduate programmes, and of tying skills development to academic development.

Key Messages

The key outcomes are a consideration of the use of outreach activities:
– to develop undergraduate leadership and other employability skills
– as a revision tool for undergraduate studies
– as an extension tool for undergraduate studies

Key Words

Employability skills

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : Access to Powerpoint and standard projector facilities

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