[47] E-assessment – what’s it all about?


E-assessment – what’s it all about?


Angharad Thomas


If your idea of e-assessment is interminable multiple-choice questions and annoyingly single number answers (with no method marks!!!!) then be ready to be astounded. You can now have fill-in-the-gaps, adaptive marking, text matching, click on graphs, show steps and so on and so on.

There are a variety of tools (free and not!) for lecturers to use to support and assess their students’ knowledge in higher education. This Pecha Kucha will highlight some of the benefits and risks of assessing knowledge via e-assignments, what’s being used at Swansea University, and what I’d like to see in the future from e-assessment platforms to enhance student learning and understanding.

Assessment drives behaviour – let’s use it to our own and our students’ benefit.

Session Outline

This session will be a fast-paced introduction to e-assessment. I will present a synopsis of what’s out there (or at least the 6 platforms that I’m aware of), any issues in using e-assessment and how to get more information.

Key Messages

• What e-assessment tools are available.
• How to monitor engagement using e-assessment.
• Benefits (and risks) of using online assessment methods.

Key Words

e-assessment, large class size

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : Data projector, access to PPT


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