[39] How well ‘connected’ are you?: The future of learning and teaching


How well ‘connected’ are you?: The future of learning and teaching


Yan Wu


‘Connectedness’ is a buzzword that has been used to describe changes brought to the higher education sector by the digital revolution. Nevertheless, the word is increasingly risking being used as a cliché for mapping out the general development trajectory of the education sector. Is it time to scrutinise the meaning and implication of ‘being connected’ in the future for learners and teachers?

In this Pencha Kucha presentation, I aim to examine the connected nature of future education from the following perspectives. Connectedness firstly means the enhanced connection between academic knowledge and real-life issues. Students are not expected to be ‘told’ everything by teachers, but instead they are becoming partners with teachers, searching for solutions to real-life problems. Consequently, current learning spaces need to be a reflection of this new form of collaboration. Traditional classrooms, seminar rooms, labs, etc. are still important, but they are only a few of the many locations where learning takes place. Connnectedness also means that learning is 24/7 and can take place anywhere and anytime thanks to the omnipresence of digital media and communication technologies. Many current teaching innovations, such as blended-learning programs and flipped classroom models, which combine both online and face-to-face interaction will emerge as the mainstream learning and teaching method. Thirdly, due to the global reach of the Internet, knowledge co-creation originating from a campus often supersedes its geographical boundaries quickly and reaches the network of learning at national or international level.

Session Outline

In this 6 minute and 40 second talk, I will be showing 20 slides facilitating the delivery of my talk.

Key Messages

Enhanced understanding of the role of digital media and communication technologies play in reshaping the education sector.

Key Words

Connectedness, collaboration, technology

FOR STAFF USE ONLY: laptop, data projecter, Access to Powerpoint

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