[11] Reading the future: Revitalizing Your Reading Lists


Reading the future: Revitalizing Your Reading Lists


Lori Havard and Erika Gavillet



How do you view your reading lists? Do they work well for you and your students? Are they pedagogically sound? Would you like to do something different with them? What are their benefits and limitations? Swansea University Library is running a Revitalising Reading Lists project to change the way we use and view Reading Lists.

We have recognised reading lists can become outdated, very traditional in content and structure, and sometimes not particularly helpful to students. We conducted focus groups in early May with academics and students in order to determine their feelings of what a reading list is for, on whether it has value, and how much academics engage with it as a pedagogical tool.

There has been recent research and projects looking at this in UK universities, and the presenters will compare this with the results of Swansea’s focus groups. In general, academics and students have different expectations and engagements of their reading lists. Our discussions with academics and students will help us in our guidance in creating and developing reading lists as a shared activity between the academic and librarian. There is a lot of potential for not only increasing student satisfaction with accessing resources, but also ensuring that we are providing a helpful resource for their learning.

Session Outline

This workshop will actively look at how academics can make their reading lists more dynamic and engaging for students, bringing in a variety of resources, and aligning it pedagogically to their programmes’ learning outcomes. The workshop will include a short introduction to the project and present results of the reading lists focus groups with academics and students. The participants will be divided into small groups to look at prepared reading/resource lists and work together to revitalise these lists in lieu of research and feedback presented.

Key Messages

The outcome of this workshop is to gather evidence for Reading List best practice and guidance. Librarians will be asking for attendees to consider being a pilot for the coming academic year, working with librarians to work with them to transform their resource lists

Key Words

Reading list, innovation, pedagogy

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : Projector/laptop, flip chart paper, marker pens, blu/white tack

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