[8] Visualising the student feedback cycle at Swansea University


Visualising the student feedback cycle at Swansea University


Sophie Leslie



This session will demonstrate how new methods of data visualisation and interactivity can increase engagement for staff and students with module feedback.
The development of data dashboards for live reporting of module feedback surveys can help to engage staff and students and to provide further realisation of module feedback within the live classroom setting. The current usage of EvaSys for module feedback surveys has been enhanced to allow for more autonomy for staff in disseminating the surveys to their students, undertaking live response collection in classrooms and analysis of results and benchmarking through software called EvaMetrics.
A key feature of the data dashboards is the ability to close the feedback loop with students effectively via live reflections, which can easily be disseminated to students. This will allow for a much more meaningful conversation to take place between staff and students in relation to module feedback, opening up possibilities for timely feedback to be listen to and acted upon.
These features of the software are only one small part of the feedback cycle at Swansea University. In order for this to be effective and relevant, there needs to be buy-in from both staff and students and a clear rationale for using the software.
The Student Partnership and Engagement Services team are working with Colleges across the institution to collate student feedback in a meaningful way. The culmination of this is the ability to produce big data which can help to identify trends, patterns and potential gaps in the student experience in correlation with other student feedback sources across the university. This will help to create a much more robust approach to enhancement activities, enabling programme teams, Colleges and Professional Services to have effective and relevant means of analysing the student experience and putting relevant enhancements in place.
By the end of the session, attendees will be able to understand how big data can be used to enhance the student experience, manage student expectations and create a culture of change and student partnership within the organisation. The session will also provide an overview of the upcoming pilot project using EvaMetrics for September 2019 and how this will be rolled out to the whole institution following the successful pilot.

Session Outline

The session will be delivered via a Pecha Kucha style presentation, providing an overview of the software and how it links with the current student feedback opportunities at Swansea. The presentation will also provide a brief overview of the pilot project and institutional roll out. The session will be short and engaging through the use of visuals, diagrams and short snappy descriptions. The aim of the session is to peak the audiences interest and provide information about upcoming enhancement activities. This session will be of interest to those who are looking to enhance their provision and the student experience, as well as utilise the various sources of student feedback data available across the institution.

Key Messages

Following the session, staff will be able to:
– Understand how to read module feedback data effectively
– Understand how to better engage students in the module feedback process
– Understand how to correlate module feedback data with other student feedback data sources to enhance learning and teaching practice
– Understand how to close the feedback loop with students
– Understand the student feedback opportunities at Swansea University

Key Words

Data analysis, student experience, module feedback

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : Laptop/PC for presentation, access to PowerPoint

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