[26] What is effective feedback? A comparison of views from academics and students – A Grounded Theory Approach


What is effective feedback? A comparison of views from academics and students – A Grounded Theory Approach


Darren Coombes


Purpose. In recent years the literature regarding feedback has flourished with many researchers exploring the various factors related to student feedback. However, the question ‘why are the majority of students unhappy with feedback?’ still remains. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to explore the perception of academic staff and students regarding what is effective feedback.
Method. A total of 9 students and 10 academics participated for this study.
Results. Three leading themes were highlighted during the data analysis process. Additional themes were found within the academic sessions alone. The data revealed many inconsistencies in the provision of feedback and highlighted that there is no single factor resulting in student dissatisfaction.
Discussion. With student numbers on a constant increase and the potential for an academic-student relationship decline, it is clear that some form of intervention is essential to improve the feedback process. Three specific actions plans were developed to help address the many contributing factors to students’ dissatisfaction with feedback. These action plans will then aim to have a beneficial influence on the student experience, learning process and hopefully achieve better departmental/college UK NSS scores.

Session Outline

Participants will be informed on my findings from my MA research dissertation and any questions regarding the concept of providing effective feedback to students shall be answered.

Key Messages

To gain a deeper understanding the impact of feedback can have for students and how they may process the information.

Key Words



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