[37] Spiral curriculum and interactive learning


Spiral curriculum and interactive learning


Faye Morton


As part of a module in the first year of Healthcare Science Medical Physics Technology, students learn about innovation and service development in healthcare. A didactic lecture was provided with discussion surrounding considerations and goals of the NHS. Following this, students were asked to produce a business case presentation that discussed an area of quality improvement in clinical practice. Their verbal feedback from this session was extremely positive. It was stated that the session was very useful and suggested it may also be useful in the second year of their degree programme. Therefore, a spiral curriculum format was used to implement a similar session in the second year, which took place with the title ‘radiation research’. Students were asked to produce a presentation and include several factors surrounding research and innovations within their area of clinical practice. This method of learning included a flipped classroom, peer teaching/review and formative feedback. The student feedback concluded it was a useful and interactive way of learning, which encouraged critical thinking surrounding innovations, which could be used to develop dissertation ideas in their third year.

Session Outline

Poster presentation displaying interactive teaching methods

Key Messages

Information on how to move away from didactic lectures and include more discussion and interaction

Ideas regarding how to use a spiral curriculum structure to encourage active and applied thinking

Key Words

Innovative, applied, interactive

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