[46] Collaborative Technology: The future of accountancy teaching in the digital age.


Collaborative Technology: The future of accountancy teaching in the digital age.


Tracey Williams and Sue Evans


How do we improve student learning and engagement? We all know that students are expert at using digital technology, how do we use these skills to our advantage as lecturers?

One solution is to use collaborative technology, in Accountancy and Finance we are trialling the use of Padlet technology on accountancy students. Padlet technology allows students to input data in real time. Students will use the technology in group sessions to encourage learning and participation, to allow students to suggest ideas to other groups in the room. This should enhance student engagement, participation, their technology skills and language skills in preparation for their working lives as accountants. If students do not attend the session the technology would be made available to them to allow them to see the discussions that took place.

Specifically the study will look at the impact of the technology on students’ learning and engagement. To measure success, students will be asked to complete a questionnaire and provide feedback on the technology. The questionnaire will be analysed to see the effectiveness of collaborative software, the marks on the course will be compared to the previous year and similar modules for the same cohort of students. The effect on absenteeism will be evaluated by comparing the attendance records to last year and other modules. A literature review will be performed to evaluate the use of collaborative technology in lectures.

Session Outline

The poster session will outline and discuss the proposed study into the student and lecturer experience of using collaborative technology such as Padlet. The poster will also show the features of Padlet and how this can be used in teaching. Student engagement will be measured throughout the project by gaining feedback by means of a questionnaire and interviews with the students. To measure student success, student performance will be compared to other modules were the technology is not being used. The lecturers involved will also be interviewed to gain their feedback on the use of the technology and to highlight any areas for improvement.

Key Messages

By the end of the session conference participants will understand the features and expected benefits from using collaborative technology such as Padlet in teaching. Initial findings of the research will be presented and participants should be able to measure the expected outcomes of using collaborative technology compared to conventional methods of teaching.

Key Words

Innovative, Engagement, Experience

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