[9] Too many gimmicks or coming up Trumps? – evaluating efficacy of an innovative approach in healthcare education


Too many gimmicks or coming up Trumps? – evaluating efficacy of an innovative approach in healthcare education


Angharad Davies

Swansea University Medical School


Innovative teaching approaches may be successful in engaging students but, given the stringent time-constraints of healthcare profession teaching programmes, especially medicine, evidence of efficacy should be sought to inform future practice. A good example is in the highly complex area of antibiotic prescribing. Antibiotics are numerous, diverse and often confusing for the novice. With limited direct experience of their use, students lack the context for learning that health professionals have. A Top-Trumps style game was developed based on antibiotics and evaluated as a student teaching tool. The findings will enable the resource to be used to best effect in future sessions. Evidence-based practice is relevant in education as well as medicine.

Session Outline

This Pecha Kucha presentation will encapsulate the development, implementation and evaluation of a simple but innovative teaching method, and present the results, indicating how these can be used to inform its future use. Examples of the ‘Top Trumps’ resource will be circulated during the presentation for delegates to view. This method could be applied to many subject areas and will be of interest to delegates looking for ways to engage students in complex subjects where they may lack context.

Key Messages

1. Delegates will be presented with a simple and practical idea for a game to engage students that they can apply to their own subject area.
2. Innovative teaching methods can be valuable for engaging students, but may not necessarily be effective in terms of knowledge retention. Both are important, and evaluation of methods allows us to strike the right balance when planning teaching. Future educational practice will be enhanced by practitioners seeking evidence of efficacy.

Key Words

Games, evaluation, efficacy

STAFF USE ONLY : laptop and projector able to display powerpoint slides

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