[6] Delivering an MSc without a traditional lecture


Delivering an MSc without a traditional lecture


Dave Ruckley

Swansea University Medical School


During this session you will learn not only what has been developed so far, but our plans for the future. The session will discuss how resources have been developed, how we are taking our students on a journey from passive learner to active learner and how we have managed to convince academic colleagues to embrace new methods of delivering learning.

While you may not be developing a distance course, you’ll leave this session with hints and tips on how you can begin to transition from traditional lectures to online learning resources and a flipped classroom approach and what the benefits for you and your students are. You’ll also get a peak at some of the innovative methods of teaching we’ll soon be rolling out in the Medical School.

Session Outline

The session will go through the lifecycle of the course to date with various examples of existing and planned resources. Some video will be used to highlight why re-thinking the traditional lecture is important.

Key Messages

Key takeaways are that academic staff can better engage students through technology, better utilise their teaching time and that the move towards Education 4.0 is not the end of the role of the lecturer, it is an evolution.

Key Words

eLearning, VR, Innovation

FOR STAFF USE ONLY :  laptop, projecter, Powerpoint and speakers for a short video

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