[28] Immersive culture as a learning tool.


Immersive culture as a learning tool.


Rebecca Dowle and Lisa Matthews


Our poster will reflect our journey to becoming a dementia friendly campus in St. David’s Park; this will be the first dementia friendly campus in Wales. Through this we will show how immersing our students in a culture that understands, and actively promotes, living well with dementia positively influences their learning. As we move towards changing our society’s view of dementia by becoming a dementia friendly community (Alzheimer’s Society, 2019), it is important to identify ways that this can be reinforced and developed through all of our teaching, this poster demonstrates how we are starting to do this. The inclusion of positive reference to dementia in class and the events held within the campus ensure reinforcement of the initial awareness session the students have. Opening our doors to the public for awareness sessions and to attend events also reminds the students that this is a societal change and not aimed purely at nurses.
The importance of role modelling is well supported in the literature and is an effective learning tool (Baldwin , Mills , & Birks , 2014; Cruess, Cruess, & Steinert, 2008), the commitment of all staff in the campus towards this project will be evident in the poster, as will how this was and continues to be achieved. The need for regular maintenance and promotion of the culture is also identified as being of great importance (Bowers , Nolet , & Jacobson, 2016) so sustainability will also be represented in the poster presentation.
The poster will also note the future research which will be undertaken regarding the impact on students, impact on the university and the impact on the wider community.
Alzheimer’s Society (2019) Dementia Friendly Communities. Retrieved from https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-involved/dementia-friendly-communities
Baldwin , A., Mills , J., & Birks , M. (2014). Role modeling in undergraduate nursing education: An integrative literature review. Nurse Education Today, 18-26.
Bowers , B., Nolet , K., & Jacobson, N. (2016). Sustaining Culture Change: Experiences in the Green House Model. Health Services Research , 51(1) 398-417.
Cruess, S. R., Cruess, R. L., & Steinert, Y. (2008). Role modelling—making the most of a powerful teaching strategy. British Medical Journal, 718 – 721.

Session Outline

The poster will be displayed with myself and Lisa Matthews alongside it to discuss and clarify any points raised.

Key Messages

Delegates will have the opportunity to explore how cultural learning can become embedded within a campus. They will see how this is already being achieved in order to inform and inspire their own practice.

Key Words

Immersive, Inclusive, Innovative.

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : Display Board/Area

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