[16] Learning: Getting the students to do the work


Learning: Getting the students to do the work


Faye Morton



Whilst undertaking the PgCert HEA the effectiveness of using blended and flipped techniques on student learning have been shown to improve student experience. Multiple teaching techniques have been investigated and implemented throughout my teaching practice, in order to pilot their effectiveness as a part of action research. Student feedback was obtained based on a lecture that has been trialled using a combination of teaching methods.
A lecture on radiation record keeping has been modified from a heavily didactic, boring lecture, in to a more diverse and interactive distance based session for healthcare science students. Throughout their radiation protection module, these students have been given small pieces of information regarding record keeping within radiation environments. The purpose of the session is to consolidate this information along with their clinical experiences. Therefore, the students were set a task using a wiki via blackboard. They were asked to produce a mind map of 3 different areas, stating the types of records that would be required in those areas. They were also asked to indicate the records purpose when appropriate. Once completed, the mind maps were uploaded ready for their peers to comment. After the completion deadline, I as the lecturer gave formative feedback on the wiki for each mind map. The task contained multiple learning methods such as: distance based learning, technology enhanced learning, peer to peer feedback and formative feedback.
Feedback on the effectiveness of that session was obtained via questionnaire. This revealed both qualitative and quantitative information. There were some indications for slight changes, however overall, the students enjoyed the session and believed it was more beneficial in consolidating their knowledge and encouraging active learning than a didactic lecture.

Session Outline

The session will be run predominantly via prezi presentation including different displays of information e.g. Images, graphs/tables and some writing. This session includes different teaching methods which can reduce teaching burden and increase student engagement.

Key Messages

Knowledge of different teaching methods.
Idea’s surrounding the application and combination of different teaching methods.

Key Words

Consolidation, Effectiveness, Experience

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : Computer, projector and internet access to log on to Prezi

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