[43] VR Gamification – When reading medical images becomes competitive


VR Gamification – When reading medical images becomes competitive


Joseph Purden, Barry Bardsley and Faye Morton


The use of Virtual Reality in teaching is on the rise, with college digitalisation strategies meaning that it is becoming embedded in curricula across the University. The aim of this project was to transform a session for 2nd year students on the nuclear medicine and radiotherapy physics programmes, which usually reviews medical images and teaches students what to look out for when on clinical practice, into a competition using VR. Students were put into pairs and assigned an Oculus Rift system, preloaded with Organon VR software. They were presented with medical images and drawings and had to use the VR system to gain information about different areas of the human body. The prize? A priceless ‘Get Out of Journal Club Free’ card.

Session Outline

Poster presentation with QR codes linking to further information

Key Messages

Using VR and gamification to actively involve students in the learning process, making them more critical and independent thinkers. By working in pairs it also developed team work skills and brought an analytical edges as each member of the group critiqued the work of the other in an attempt to win

Key Words

VR, Gamification, Medical

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : N/A – Poster Presentation

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