[35] Large cohort online summative testing in institutional Virtual Learning Environment


Large cohort online summative testing in institutional Virtual Learning Environment


Marcela Bezdickova


Enhanced Learning Technologies and online testing become essential part of education and assessment long time ago. However, many aspects need to be considered when using such a tool for summative assessment for a large cohort of hundred students. Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Blackboard offers tools for many types of activities for teachers and students too. Using formative assessment of the same structure prior the summative assessment is a good way to prepare both students and teachers for later summative tests. The aim of this contribution is to highlight key steps I found through my implementation of Blackboard summative test for large cohort of undergraduate students. Timing, space organisation, professional support, hard copies, detailed guidance for students and invigilators and test options were the most important parts I experienced. After considering all these aspects and some testing during formative assessment the result was comprehensive 30 minutes long summative online test using various types of questions available in VLE. The test gives me immediate results from 92 students with possibility to track back all answers. I found this innovation to my teaching very useful with very positive feedback from students. Sharing my experience could encourage my colleagues to apply similar innovation in their practice.

Session Outline

The session will:
Highlight some aspects to consider in using VLE Blackboard online test.
Compare pros and cons of using this tool for summative assessment.
Give an insight into feedback from both, the students and lecturers perspectives.
Discuss possible scenario with giving options to solve it effectively.
Support colleagues to give a try in using available online tools for summative assessment and improve confidence in using VLE.
Sharing a practice.

Key Messages

Preparation of the online summative test needs deep attention in many aspects.
Detail guidance of the students and invigilators is essential.
Give a try is worthy.

Key Words

Virtual Learning Environment, summative online test, large cohort


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