[7] Designing the (geography) curriculum for challenging times


Designing the (geography) curriculum for challenging times


Joanne Maddern

College of Science


This paper seeks to generate debate, discussion and forward momentum in thinking through the pedagogical implications of the highly complex local, national and global networks geography curricula are situated in and develop through. Navigation of drivers as diverse as ‘student satisfaction’, TEF, REF, intuitional learning and teaching strategies, accreditation, recruitment, student fees and ‘value for money’, employability, inclusivity and the complexity of ‘grand challenges’ facing us globally can be tumultuous. What we teach and the methods through which we deliver that teaching and associated assessments have never been so analysed, scrutinised, theorised, but also so crucial to solving, or at least addressing pressing social, political and environmental challenges from climate change to global mass migration. This paper narrates, documents, laments, celebrates, critiques and theorises the journeys of curriculum design and re-design in the geographical and associated disciplines.

Session Outline

This will be a standard delivery paper, however, participants should find lots of parallels and useful information for their own practice. There will be a small amount of interactivity using post-it notes.

Key Messages

There will be a chance to think through issues around change and curriculum design that will have useful parallels across the disciplines.

Key Words

Programme design, geography, future.

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : Powerpoint facilities. Post it notes.


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