[15] Looking back to inform the future: Instigating change in practice


Looking back to inform the future: Instigating change in practice


Sara Jolly and Katrina Legg



In a Library induction by Elen Davies (Subject Librarian for the College of Human and Health Sciences) Sara Jolly (CHHS, Programme Director MSc Enhanced Professional Practice) was introduced to Dr Katrina Legg (Assistant Archivist) at the Richard Burton Archives. This brief meeting led to collaboration on the creation of an online-learning resource (Microsoft Sway) using digitised archival material as a stimulus for ‘Looking Back to Inform the Future: Instigating a Change in Practice’.

The Sway was developed with the aim of helping students on a work based learning programme develop critical thinking skills in evidence based practice, examining why individuals do what they do in practice, and why they might instigate change in practice. The following two archive documents selected for the Sway were chosen because of their relevance and potential to stimulate critical thought for modern healthcare professionals:
• A remedy for a violent cold, 1768
• Medical Officer of Health annual report, Aberavon 1893

This was the first time that the Archives had supported the use of innovative, online-learning teaching method, as well as working with a new colleague, enabling original material to be shared with inter-professional students via a Sway. There is great potential for replicability by colleagues within the CHHS via the College Repository, and for others involved with teaching and learning across the University, by using this easy to use University supported software. Impact and evidence can be evaluated via online analytics and the development of critical thinking by students is observed beyond the Sway.

The connection made between academic and professional colleagues has enabled the sharing of ideas and resources, leading to innovative ways of creating interesting and engaging online tools that enhance the learning and teaching not only of students but also of the staff involved.

Session Outline

A short introduction to the Enhanced Professional Practice Programme which is a work based learning programme for registered healthcare professionals. This sets the scene as to why there is a need for online learning resources such as the one highlighted in this presentation, to be developed.

An insight into the collaborative working between CHHS and the Richard Burton Archives to digitise the archive images and incorporate them into the Microsoft Sway online learning resource.

An interactive element explaining “What we did and why we did it”. A brief explanation of how and why the use of this particular Sway as a learning tool would aid student learning and development of critical thinking skills. During the interactive element the presenters take the delegates through a section of the Sway (Remedy for a Violent Cold, 1768) which helps develop critical thinking skills by linking the past to current and future practice.

A brief outline of the second interactive element of the Sway, which refers to another digitised item from the Archives (Medical Officer of Health annual report, Aberavon 1893). This report describes the management of an outbreak of small pox and other communicable diseases, which is used as the stimulus to encourage students to consider what elements of practice noted in the report are still used today, why do these work, and what has changed?

An outline of what happens next including,
1. Continued collaborative working between the Archives and CHHS on the development of another Sway for CHHS students.
2. Archives considering development of a generic Sway for use across the University to promote the Archives to students and colleagues.
3. Recording impact on student learning and experience through feedback, analytics and critical skills development.

Key Messages

• Understand how archive material can be incorporated into online learning resources.
• Understand how archive material can be used to stimulate critical thinking.

Key Words

Archives, online-learning, critical thinking.

FOR STAFF USE ONLY : Laptop, projector, online access to Microsoft office/ Sway

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